Robert H. Ouaou, Ph.D.


Tel: 239-262-3007

‚Äč FAX: 239-263-3001

801 Anchor Rode Drive Suite 203C Naples FL 34103

Provide diagnosis, disease staging, treatment planning, cognitive rehabilitation, and behavior management for various etiologies of cognitive dysfunction.  Provide diagnostic workups for traumatic brain injuries, sports related concussion, mental retardation, learning disabilities and developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, and malingering in adults and adolescents.  Actively contracted with National Football League (NFL).  Expert testimony includes psychological and neuropsychological evaluations in adult and juvenile cases, assistance in voir dire, competency and insanity examinations, and capital case mitigation, in state and federal criminal and civil court.

Dr. Ouaou has over 15 years experience in the field of clinical neuropsychology and has been recognized as an expert in state and federal courts.